Providing catering services and daily Free home delivery of tiffins in Pune.

Hygienic and Healthy Food

Food is cooked with great care, taking all the measures to deliver hygienic food which is healthy and is full of taste. Read more»

Food Quality Control

Superior quality raw food materials are used with all the natural methods and no use of additives to prepare quality food, following all the steps to maintain its freshness. Read more »

Value for Money

Sufficient quantity of food which is of a good quality and is healthy comes at a price which is affordable to everyone, from college students to working professionals. Read more »

A Variety of Menu

A variety of 24 different delicious vegetable dishes are served in a week without repeating the recipes. Read more »

Environmentally friendly

Caring for the environment and considering its safety, measures are taken to ensure there is no pollution or wastage. Read more »

On Time Delivery

A fixed schedule is in place with the target routes for the delivery personnel to make sure that the food is delivered on time. Read more »

Why you need to tryout BhojanTime

Professional organisation with a scientific approach towards providing home cooked food to cater to every individuals taste.


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